Who can apply for a loan from Bank?

The age limit for the Bank loan service is 20 years.

The borrower must not have a payment defect and must be a Finnish citizen.

Customers from all banks can also borrow from Bank.


How much can I apply for a consumer credit?

You can apply for a loan from 100 to 2500 euros.

You can choose the loan amount according to your needs with the accuracy of 100 euros.


How long does it take to get a loan?

You can choose between 6 and 60 months of payment for your loan.

So you can get a really long payout period for your loan, thus ensuring really small monthly payments.

The raised loan can be repaid at any time with an agreed shorter payment period.


How quickly do I get a loan decision?

You will receive a loan decision immediately upon submission of your loan application.

Fulfilling your loan application takes just a few minutes.


How quickly do my money go to my account?

If you have received a loan decision and decide to accept the loan offer you received, the loan amount you are applying for will be paid directly to your account.

Normally, money transfers can take about 15 minutes, depending on your bank, but the funds are immediately transferred to Danske, Nordea, Savings Bank, Aktia and S Bank.

Approved loans can only be paid under Finnish law between 07:00 and 23:00.

If you apply for a loan at night, it will be paid to your account immediately at 7.00 am in the morning.


Do I need collateral or guarantors?

Bank’s loans are unsecured loans and therefore do not require any collateral or guarantors.


Overall impression:

Bank is a nice and welcome loan service to Finland!

The pricing of Bank’s loan products is undoubtedly one of the most open and clear in Finland.

When the loan has no other costs than its interest rate, its costs are really easy to understand without complex calculations.

The site has been made very clear and contains all the information you need to make it really easy and fast.

Bank loan repayments are also a really positive surprise.

In a tight place, you can choose a very long payment period for your loan to ensure easy and effortless repayment.

With its cost, interest and features, Bank is a really good alternative to many other old loan services.

Ask yourself for a free loan offer and learn more about Bank’s loans today!