Everyone has dreams and plans, but there are fewer who can afford them. Indeed, starting a business is not easy with many steps and obviously enough funding.

Let’s talk today about the specific issue of professional loan , an effective solution to build your own box. Let’s discover all the conditions and specificities of the professional loan .


What is a professional loan?

The professional loan is for self-entrepreneurs creating their business and companies in the process of creation. Several professional fields are concerned:

  • Small enterprises
  • Agriculture
  • craft
  • Association
  • Trade
  • Liberal professions

For professionals especially, several trades can claim a professional loan: doctor, midwife, nurse, dentist, optician, speech therapist, pediatric nurse, pedicure-chiropodist, osteopath, veterinarian, physiotherapist, pharmacist, surveyor, architect, accountant , bailiff.

As for self-employed entrepreneurs, they can access professional loan since the new legislation came into effect in 2009. However, the turnover of professionals eligible for this kind of loan is capped. And in addition to the loan itself, there are several benefits for auto entrepreneurs:

  • Easier accounting
  • Optimized home exercise conditions
  • Simplified tax on profits
  • Exempt VAT
  • Registration at the RCS exempted

Surround yourself to find the right professional loan

As the loan sector is very prosperous at present, the number of banks and financial organizations that offer professional loan agreements is incalculable. The competition is tough and customers are easily lost to so many choices.

Thus, it is necessary to be surrounded by experts to benefit from advised advice and to avoid the pitfalls in which many private novices fall. Not everyone is fortunate to have a close loan specialist, the brokerage companies are doing very well. They offer professional loan broker services.

Many companies are present on the internet and present the services of their professional loan brokers . We can mention among others loan Relax, Access Crédits Pro or Youfinancer.com , but the choice is really wide. We can compare the offers on the internet or rely on the experiences of relatives who have already used this kind of service.

Why use professional loan?

New businesses and auto-entrepreneurs use this type of loan for three specific needs:

  • Cash flow : This supports the various financial operations of the company, including the increase of capital, the working capital or the redemption of shares.
  • The equipment : In this case, the loan is taken to equip the company with the equipment and machinery necessary for its proper functioning.
  • Real Estate : This type of loan is very suitable for buying or renting new premises, warehouses or land. It can also be contracted to build premises for Sale in the Future State of Completion. The professional loan can also be used for the tax exemption ie to reduce the taxation of the company.

And to meet the needs of all customers, professional loan comes in different forms: depreciable business loan, leasing and factoring.

Facilitating the creation of a business, professional loan is aimed at many professional fields, including the professions. Including many benefits for auto-entrepreneurs, this financial solution comes in many forms and is therefore suitable for all profiles. Who says loan says possible worries of refund and to anticipate the hazards of the life, think to choose well insurance of professional loan .