Bank – Raise your loan when you need it!

Bank offers Bank credit account, which is equipped with a revolving credit limit of EUR 2,000 flexibility of credit .

The age limit for Bank loans is 21 years and is applied for free of charge on the Bank website.

When you apply for a continuous credit account now, the credit is always at your disposal and you can raise the loan as soon as you need it.

Bank’s continued credit is a good reserve fund for situations where you want to make sure you always have the money you need when you need it.

The Bank Credit Application is free of charge and has no fixed fees.

The cost of Bank will only accrue on the used credit, so if you apply for a EUR 2000 credit and only raise it for EUR 100, the cost will only accrue from this raised EUR 100.

When you pay back the credit you use, it is immediately available to you again.


Important information in brief:

  • The age limit is 21 years.
  • You will receive a EUR 2000 credit line for your free use.
  • You will receive a payment period of 3 to 50 months.
  • You can pay off the loan prematurely at no extra cost.
  • Expenses accrue only on withdrawn credit.
  • You can raise your loan when you need it.
  • It takes about 3 minutes to complete the loan application.
  • You don’t need any collateral or guarantors.
  • Leave a free application online 24/7.
  • Bank is a very flexible and versatile loan service!
  • Example of a loan:
  • Example Bank- Flexible Loan: Loan 2000 Euro, Payment Period 12 Months, Monthly Payout 294.50 Euro, Pay Back 3534.01 EUR, Lifting Fee 7.5%, Nominal Interest Rate 103.42%, Real Annual Interest Rate 216.20%.
  • The applicant has the right to cancel the credit agreement within 14 days.

New Bank customers get a good deal on their loan.

First withdrawal without lifting costs and 30 days interest-free payment period.

The old Bank customer should take advantage of the monthly discount code.

Bank serves its customers every day of the day.

Search for a loan as soon as it is best for you.

If necessary, contact Bank Customer Service.


Fast and friendly service.

After a positive credit decision, you can make your first raise from 7.00 to 23.00.

Next lifts at any time.


Who can apply for Bank’s Continuous Flexible Credit?

Bank’s customers can reach you at least 21 years of age with regular income and clean credit information.

In addition, the loan applicant must have an email address, a mobile number, and a bank account.


How Much Can I Raise a Loan from a Bank Account?

Bank has a credit limit of 2000 euros.

You can fully raise your money according to your needs, 50 – 2000 euros at a time.

The number of withdrawals is not limited, so you can make multiple withdrawals within your own credit limit.


How Long Does a Bank Loan Have?

Bank The flexible payment period is between 3 and 50 months depending on the loan amount raised.

However, a raised loan can also be repaid on a faster schedule.

Each borrower can decide for themselves whether they want to repay the loan in one installment or in installments.


Because a loan can be withdrawn?

Bank is always at your disposal.

However, the first lift must take place between 07:00 and 23:00, after which you can raise your money even in the middle of the night!


Do I pay for the entire credit limit?

You will not pay unless you have raised the entire loan amount into your account.

The costs of Bank are always accrued only from the amount you have raised.

For example, if you apply for Bank today and you raise it for 100 euros, you will only pay for that 100 euros.

The lifting fee is 7.5% of the raised loan amount.

If you do not raise the loan to your account, you will not pay any costs.


Can I apply Bank only for everything?

Of course you can!

Bank is an excellent reserve fund for an evil day.

By applying for a Bank Account now, you can make sure that you do not have to look for a quick loan service in a tight place, but you can immediately raise your loan from your Bank account. 

How is Bank Searched?

You can fill out and submit your application on the Bank website at any time.

Bank’s credit application is one of the easiest and fastest applications for continuous credit, filling and submitting your application takes no more than 3 minutes.

You will receive the loan decision as soon as you submit your application.


Can I apply for a loan by SMS?

You cannot apply for a Bank loan only with an application on their website.


Do I need guarantors?

Bank does not ask for any collateral or guarantors, this also guarantees a quick loan application when you do not have to worry about personal guarantees or other collateral.

When a loan can be granted without collateral and guarantors, it is then possible to get it really fast into your account.


Example Bank Loan:

  • Continuous credit opening fee of 0.00 €.
  • Account Management Fee 0,00 €.
  • Lifting fee 7.50%
  • The nominal annual interest rate is 103.42%.
  • Actual annual rate max. 216.20%.

Example Bank- Flexible Loan: Loan 2000 Euro, Payment Period 12 Months, Monthly Payout 294.50 Euro, Pay Back 3534.01 EUR, Lifting Fee 7.5%, Nominal Interest Rate 103.42%, Real Annual Interest Rate 216.20%.

Details of the creditor : Bank Finland Oy, Ratamestarinkatu 11 A, 00520 Helsinki


Overall impression

Bank is one of the most well-known loan services in Finland, and it contributes to making loan borrowing much safer than many other places when applying for a loan.

Bank is also known for not hiding credit costs, but telling you in a very transparent way what the borrower should know about it.

The site promoted Bank’s quick loan application, we tried it and we can say that at least for us, the promise of completing the application in three minutes was true.

Customer service is also very well managed, from where else can you contact customer service even at night from three?

I can say that not many places.

Bank’s customer service is friendly and has been made easy and fast to reach.

In summary, from my own experience, I can say that working with Bank is safe, and that is why I dare to recommend it to others as one option when looking for a loan service.