2017 is the year that marks the continuing rise in mortgage interest rates. Indeed, the increase in these rates, which began in the last half of 2016, continues to soar. Regardless of the duration of the loan in question, interest has increased significantly. Yet the real estate market has not lost its momentum. This upward effect has, on the contrary, revived the ardor of investors in the field. Focus on this particular situation of the year 2017.

The mortgage, a way of funding still very popular in 2018

In the context of a real estate investment, financing is an essential point that must be ensured. The future buyer has for this, at his disposal several interesting solutions. Among them, we have the mortgage. This type of loan is specifically designed to give the investor the amount needed to realize his project. The latter can be either the acquisition of real estate (old or new), the completion of renovation work, or even the construction of housing.

In 2018, this financing medium that is the mortgage remains very popular in the real estate investment sector. Indeed, it represents a solid, efficient, and moreover fast access resource. Indeed, the process of obtaining the loan is quite simple. First, it is important to get closer to your banker to submit the project in question. Then, the borrower and his advisor will be able to see together the possibilities that are available to him and the conditions for granting the mortgage, according to his financial situation and his real needs. The real estate mortgage simulator is an effective tool to know the amount available, the rate and the repayment period as well as the value of monthly payments.

A continuous rise

The month of March, and also that of April 2018 continued to see increases in the rate of interest mortgage loan. This shows a certain confirmation of this trend for this year 2018. According to statements made during this month of April borrowers still have the possibility of being awarded rates below 1% (minimum rate) for certain periods of time. repayment (7 years and 10 years). However, it should be noted that for maximum rates, values ​​can go up to 3.75%.

A real estate market that keeps its shape

The increase in interest rates, confirmed for 2018, however, slowed down the enthusiasm of real estate investors. Indeed, the market is doing pretty well. This is particularly due to the fact that the minimum rates charged by banks remain more than affordable. This initiative on the part of loan institutions has been put in place in order to continue to build customer loyalty. In addition, this gives them some room to continue raising rates throughout the year. On the investor side, the current situation represents, as it were, an opportunity within their reach, to realize their projects by taking advantage of a few monthly payments whose amount remains reasonable. Before that changes for good.