If everyone wants to have a permanent contract, it is because it makes it possible to obtain a mortgage much more quickly. And yet, it is possible to become an owner with a fixed-term contract. However, there must be two conditions: the existence of a continuous job and the sector must be a carrier. Focus on real estate loans for fixed-term contracts.

Most importantly, the sustainability of income

An old adage says that we only lend to the rich. This is a false truth, because in reality, one only lends when one is sure to be reimbursed. Moreover, a praetor is already reassured when he realizes that the borrower has fixed income.

The banks then remain very attached to the durability of the income of the borrower, especially if the repayment period is spread over several months or years. This is exactly the case when you use a real estate broker Aix-en-Provence .

And yet, in these difficult times, even some employees working under permanent contracts are not fully assured that they will keep their jobs next year. However, they can receive unemployment benefits in case of redundancy. On the other hand, those who work on fixed-term contracts will have to validate once their contract has come to an end without any possibility of compensation. What makes it difficult to obtain a home loan without a CDI, with only a fixed-term contract.

CDD and mortgage: at least 18 months of uninterrupted employment

If you are temporary or intermittent worker, it is possible to obtain a mortgage without CDD. It all depends on the time you spend in the company. All the bank is looking for is professional stability with at least 18 months of experience in the most open agencies. This period is extended to 24 months if it is a banking institution with strict regulations for a real estate broker aix en provence. By 18 or 24 months, we mean mainly successive contracts within the same company or in different companies.

Your sector of activity is also to be taken into account

The sector of activity in which you operate is also an important criterion to take into account. Indeed, banks can grant a real estate loan to an interim, but provided that its business sector is buoyant. For example, the field of computing, catering or accounting is in great demand. On the other hand, that of the industry is a bit scary for banks.