Professional loan: an idea to get started!

Everyone has dreams and plans, but there are fewer who can afford them. Indeed, starting a business is not easy with many steps and obviously enough funding. Let’s talk today about the specific issue of professional loan , an effective solution to build your own box. Let’s discover all the conditions and specificities of the

Loan redemption fees in detail

This is a subject that comes back very little on the web and which nevertheless has a great importance: the costs related to a grouping of loans. Group your loans: it’s free? The repurchase of loans is a banking operation set up by banks or brokers with the purpose of reducing the amount of the

The revolving loan is not dead

Criticized many times, some professionals have even thought at one point of a possible disappearance of revolving loan. In the eyes of many consumer associations, UFC-Que Choisir en tête, this product has long been castigated, deemed too expensive and responsible for some of the over-indebtedness situations.    loan agencies have since adapted to new reforms

Repurchase of loan for tenant

It’s no secret, the status of housing is a fundamental element in a credit consolidation operation. As a result, proprietary profiles will have more of an incentive to consolidate their loans than tenants. Tenant: loans to be bought back Restructuring credits requires the use of an organization, either its own bank, a credit institution or

Undertake a renovation through a loan works

Well-being sometimes also passes by a more beautiful home. However, renovating one or more rooms of the house is not given. Indeed, it usually takes more than a thousand euros.   This type of expense is even more serious for young people wanting a better home. There is a financial solution for people facing this

All about fixed rate loan

The loan rate (or nominal rate) is the amount you will pay in addition to the repayment of the amount you borrow. In other words, it is the cost of the loan, excluding fees, insurance, guarantees, etc.   You have the choice between 2 types of rates for a consumption or real estate loan: The